Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Creating a Rich- Content Site

Now, I understand what a great content is. A content that would stand-out, an effective article and deliver the pleasure of fulfillment to the readers is very important.  Readers are enthusiastic of content-rich sites.  These days, vast of majority research raging from shoppers, hotel reservation, flight booking, news updates and even student references more often than not delve from online site facility.

A content-rich should be organized so your clients would know what actually they’re looking for.  Going through page after page for a single item is illogical. Set up a site by way of three-click rule, with no page being beyond three clicks away from the main page. 

Initiate a forum for customer interaction to your site to encourage their involvement.  Such as message boards, feedback or reviews, a Q&A medium promotes customer attachment and the longer time consumed on your site, the more possible they are to be completely connected in your site. 

Customers require privacy of their information shared. Therefore, confirm that they they’ll not be spammed and their information shared are in safe hands.  Provide the evidence that working with you is safe. So prove the security of working with you by publishing your privacy policy

Monday, July 30, 2012

Eligibility to get your Adsense Account Approval

I hardly know where to start, except to say, I can’t find any inspiration to feed my brain.  I did my best, but nothing ever changes apparently.  I can’t get Google Adsense approval. Google Adsense is a free program, a surefire to make money each time an ad is clicked on your site.

 I can’t figure out what’s wrong, mildly confused, I think Google doesn’t get much ordinary blogs these days. Honestly, it makes me insanely jealous whenever I stumbled to other blogs with lots of advertisement meaning they get in Adsense approval standards.  I just hope Google Adsense would have a wonderful eye on my posts. I have been a follower of other blogs, in the same way, my desire to be a blog contributor, remember which I thought I could be, but I am at loss for words or inspiration to do so.

For ages as a blogger, I can’t hit relevant topics, I am beginning to get fed up and tired, now I feel this is hard work for me, I dug more blogging information, it’s a mind-numbing job, rushing around to post a topic.. huh.. my heart hurts would be the accurate to describe my feelings receiving regrets and decline reply from Google Adsense.  Don’t think I jinx myself by putting all these in writing, I just felt I am so much behind right now.  I am not sure if my way of blogging is right, I can’t take this anymore, the reason why I write about these, I really broke down.  

Or maybe I should say, I have so much to catch up on, seriously though, I don’t mind at all to go back to the basic, primarily by adopting the Eligibility Requirements to Participate in Adsense” and streamline the whole thing. I would like to note that I am not really an amateur in this kind of thing. I know how tough the competition out there, therefore, I’ll make sure that I will be armed with valuable information and by creating a new website, using Blogger, I would  be abide by the tips for creating great content to draw the attention of readers and influential to advertisers. 

Who wouldn’t want to earn extra income from blogging? 

Once I discover all these strategies that will work best for me, I am sure it will work for you too, promise, you will be the first to know.  Anyway, Google Adsense is free to join, Google does all the works.  So stay tune.